Karim Elsheikh is television news reporter for Alghad NEWS Egypt.
From chasing breaking news to finding characters for features, he is committed to telling stories that inspire and educate viewers about their communities and their neighbors.
Karim prides himself on gaining exclusive access and getting people to tell the stories they would not share with anyone else.
Karim has a way of making people feel comfortable that helps him tell compelling stories.
Before joining Alghad News, Karim was reporting just over a decade of experience.

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News Reporter

Responsible for daily news reporting the over Egypt, my job description includes field production, scripting, editing, narration, making piece to camera and making live.

Broadcast Programming Manager

Leads in development of strategic plans for The station; executes plans, implements policies and procedures to achieve organizational and departmental goals.


Responsible for teaching courses related to media and communications, including journalism, broadcasting, TV and radio.

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